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Since the launch of our crowdinvesting campaign early 2021, we have already convinced 200 investors and collected more than CHF 400’000.- meant to accomplish our projects of development.
Become an Initiator and contribute to the international expansion of our watchmaking company on a human scale. An Initiator is someone who invests in Initium and who directly participates in its development. Will you be part of this adventure?

I want to become an Initiator

By becoming a shareholder of Initium Watches Holding SA, you invest in our existing workshops, in our online offers and in all future developments of the company.

Initium Advisors

Why invest in Initium ?

An already successful concept

We have founded the company in 2015 without any funding and have developed it through self-sustainability. We now wish to accelerate our growth to reach watch enthusiasts all around the world.

Ready to grow

We have been preparing for this development for one year and are well supported: a committed team, reliable suppliers, a network of independent watchmakers and wise mentors.

Increase profitability

The rise in our sales thanks to new online offers will lead to maximizing the use of our existing resources and to generating economies of scale.

Referral program

The more shareholders you find, the more shares you earn in the company! Indeed, we offer the equivalent of 5% of the number of shares acquired by each person you have referred.


Why should you join our adventure?