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An Initium mechanical watch is made up of high-quality components, all of which come from the Jura Arc, which is renowned worldwide for its expertise. Each person involved in the watch process – from the designer to the watchmaker – has been carefully selected for their skill and experience.

Fine and reliable gauges
Swiss-made components
Unique to your image thanks to hundreds of available components
Sustainable watches designed in Watch Valley

Our new range of watches

The new Initium watch designs have been designed to mark the evolution of the company, driven by a quest for progress and excellence.

Our range of components reconciles two opposing temporalities – on the one hand, a magnified past and on the other a bold present.

Designed in La Chaux-De-Fonds (the Swiss watchmaking metropolis) and produced within a fifty-kilometre radius of Initium’s headquarters, our watches follow in the footsteps of the tradition and ancestral expertise of Swiss watchmaking.

Anchored in its history by this ode to traditional Swiss art, the Initium range is also tinged with avant-gardism through its modern and audacious case and dial designs.

It is the juxtaposition of these antagonistic temporalities that creates an artistic horizon that transcends the object that is the watch into an imperishable work that sublimates your wrist.

Past and present, tradition and modernity, heritage, and innovation. Our watches are for those souls who are irresistibly attracted to a singular time that reflects their personality.

Mechanical watches steeped in Swiss Heritage

Mechanical watches are particularly appreciated for the beauty and complexity of their movements, which are the result of the expertise of watchmakers. We are keen to share the ancient art of Swiss watchmaking, which is why we offer you the opportunity to design your mechanical watch.

The term “mechanical” means that the watch is powered by a spring wound in a barrel and therefore does not contain a battery. The term “mechanical” means that the watch is powered by a spring wound in a barrel and therefore does not contain a battery. Winding is “manual” when it is done by turning the crown of the watch, and “automatic” when it is done by the natural movements of the wrist.

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Retro sport-chic cases

Build with a modern twist on the codes of the seventies, these new models are perfect for lovers of style and resilient design codes.

Available as of April 2023

Classic and elegant watch cases

With fine lugs respectfully preserving the codes of the Swiss watchmaking heritage, these new models will appeal to lovers of elegance and the traditional art of watchmaking.

Available as of April 2023

Modern and discreet cases

Build with smooth and rounded curves, these new models are suitable for those who are attracted by sobriety and presence.

Available as of April 2023

Strongly sporty look cases

A body with a strongly sporty look with pronounced features and a racer side decor. These new models will be of particular interest to intrepid and pugnacious characters.

Available as of April 2023

Classic dial

Classic dial with Roman numerals, maintaining the traditional aesthetics of Swiss watchmaking heritage. These new models will touch the hearts of those who love resilient design codes.
In open-worked dial and solid dial versions with counter (manual) and window (automatic).
Choice of colours: black on white, blue on white, white on blue and white on black. Silver or gold plate.

Contemporary and minimalist dial

Contemporary and minimalist dial perfectly highlights the movement. Devoid of information, these new models will seduce lovers of the mechanism with their simplicity and efficiency.
In open-worked dial and solid dial versions with counter (manual) and window (automatic).

Available in white, silver, black, blue, brown, salmon, turquoise, green, burgundy, and purple. Silver or gold plate.

Openwork dial

Open worked dial with fine and shiny faceted indexes. The elegance, subtlety and modernity of these new models will win over those who love elegance.
In open-worked dial and solid dial versions with counter (manual) and window (automatic).

Available in white, silver, black, blue, brown, salmon, turquoise, green, burgundy, and purple. Silver or gold plate.

Solid movements with Geneva rib

The Côte de Genève finish is emblematic of Swiss watchmaking and offers a play of light that highlights the relief of the manual mechanical movement.

Skeletal movements

Skeleton watches are becoming increasingly common in watch collections because of their fascinating exposure. Raw, decorated or engraved and available in several colours (rhodium-plated, anthracite, black, gold, rose gold), our skeleton movements plunge your gaze into the heart of micromechanics.

Calendar movement for automatic

Ideally suited to watches with a dial, the automatic mechanical movement allows the wearer to consult the day’s date with precision.

SuperLumiNova® hands

The Super-LumiNova works as a light accumulator to reflect light at night. The hands are tinted with this phosphorescent pigment and are brighter than ever, illuminating your hours in the dark.

Dolphin needles

The elegant dauphine hands are shaped like a slender triangle and offer optimum legibility. They are made of steel and are available in an assortment of colours.

Skeleton needles

It is hollowed out in the centre, allowing the dial to be seen underneath.

Leather strap

Watches with leather straps are timeless classics that are both comfortable to wear and durable.

Rubber strap

Modern and trendy, the rubber strap is particularly appreciated for its resistance, which makes it a long- lasting ally.

Milanese mesh bracelet

Very supple and comfortable to wear, the Milanese steel bracelet is likely to bring both vintage and contemporary look to the timepiece.

Select the model that suits you

Manual winding watch

With a hand-wound mechanical watch, you have to wind your watch manually. This should ideally be done once a day by turning the crown clockwise.

The Initium manual watches are equipped with a Unitas 6497 movement and have a 42-hour power reserve. This calibre was created in the 1950s by the Swiss brand Unitas. It is a movement of great reliability and robustness that has earned it the nickname of “tractor” in the watchmaking world.

Self-winding watch

The automatic mechanical watch recharges automatically when you wear it, thanks to the energy you create with your moving wrist. The Initium automatic watch has a power reserve of 38 hours, after which it stops when not worn. It can then be wound manually by means of the crown.

Initium automatic watches are equipped with an ETA 2892 or SW300 movement. Both calibres were created by Swiss manufacturers. Precision, reliability, and robustness are the keywords for these movements.

Technical specifications


hand-wound movement ETA Calibre 6497 and self-wound movement ETA Calibres 2892 or SW300


hours, minutes, and small seconds (at 9 o’clock) for hand-wound movements and hours, minutes, and seconds + the possibility of having the date with a full movement for self-wound movements

3 ATM (30 metres)
Glass and case back

all our cases have a sapphire top glass and a transparent mineral glass back to reveal the movement

Case diameters:

for mechanical hand-wound movement: between 42 mm and 48 mm. For mechanical self-winding movement: between 33 mm and 43.5 mm.

Box thickness

between 10 mm and 14 mm

Width of the bracelets


Power reserve

42h (manual) and 38h (automatic)

more than one million possible combinations for a 100% unique watch

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