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Watchmaker for a day

Immerse yourself in the universe of Swiss watchmaking by becoming a watchmaker for a day. During a few hours or all day long, unveil the mysteries of this ancestral know-how. Initium allows you to discover the secrets of a mechanical watch, through an initiation or by assembling your own timepiece.

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Assemble your own mechanical watch and master time from home

Assemble a mechanical Swiss watch by yourself in your living room thanks to our watch assembling kit!
A unique experience through which Initium's watchmakers guide you step by step, with videos and explanations.

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Assemble your own watch

Become an investor and
hop on the adventure

Take part in the development of Initium by becoming a shareholder for the amount of your choice.
Contribute to this entrepreneurial project and benefit from a decision-making power credited to the Initiators.

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Surprise someone you love

Cherish your loved ones by allowing them to discover the fascinating world of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. From an initiation on a movement to the creation of one's own Swiss made watch, an Initium gift always makes an outstanding experience.

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Discover the universe of Initium

As the ambassador of Swiss mechanical watchmaking, Initium allows watch enthusiasts to get initiated to an ancestral art and to unleash their creativity!

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