Initium was founded in 2015 by Mathieu Gigandet and Gilles Francfort. Both from the Jura region, they became friends during their studies.

To bring their vision to life, they surrounded themselves with experts and opened their first workshop in Le Noirmont, in the heart of the historic cradle of watchmaking in Switzerland, followed by a second in Geneva’s old town. Dedicated to sharing the history and heritage of this ancestral art, Initium offers unique experiences in the creation of Swiss made mechanical watches, from a simple initiation to the assembly of a fully customized watch in a single day.

From 2021, Initium will expand its vision and aim to appeal to watch lovers the world over. This is how the Kairos project came into being: an innovative assembly kit that lets you create a top-of-the-range watch from home, once you’ve designed it using a 3D configurator.

At Initium, you’re the artist!

We share this desire to allow everyone to slip into a watchmaker’s coat for a day, thus becoming artists of the time and understanding the mechanisms of what we are running after.

Mathieu Gigandet and Gilles Francfort

Founder of Initium

The team

Mathieu Gigandet

CEO and co-founder

Gilles Francfort

Business development and co-founder

Fawn Moreau

Project Manager

Diego Rodriguez


Nour Karam

RP consultant

Kevin Nebel


Yann Graf

Marketing digital specialist

A passion that is shared

Mathieu Gigandet and Gilles Francfort

In order to pursue our expansion goal, we launched our crowdinvesting campaign in early 2021. Thus, everyone is now able to join this adventure and become a shareholder of the company.

By investing the amount of your choice, you take part in the evolution of the company by financing its future projects such as the implementation of a workshop to produce its tourbillon watch.

In addition, you join our community platform that opens up a world of privileges and exclusive experiences around Swiss mechanical watchmaking.

We think big and your support is precious to us to accomplish our ambitious projects.

Our mission

At Initium, we share our passion and know-how in a very inclusive way. We want to give people the opportunity to live a memorable experience, allowing them to express their personality to create a truly unique object.

Our values

Changing the game

Since Initium was founded in 2015, we’ve never stopped pushing the boundaries by making watchmaking an inclusive experience. This immersive approach is the most essential link in our DNA, as it confers deep sentimental value and an exceptional destiny on the watch created.

Quality & know-how

Designed to last, all Initium watches feature high-quality components and movements whose reliability has been proven for decades. Every person involved in the watchmaking process – from designer to watchmaker – has been chosen for their skills and experience acquired in renowned Swiss watchmaking companies.


We are committed to a sustainable world by minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. Our new range of high-end components has been designed in-house and produced within a fifty-kilometer radius of our headquarters in the Swiss Jura mountains.