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Assembling kit to make your own watch

Assemble your own Swiss watch from your living room!

Turn your table into a true watchmaking workbench thanks to our watch assembling kit.
It includes all the needed material and instructions to get initiated to watchmaking, in an independent and fun way.

Step by step, assemble each part of the timepiece that will become alive before your eyes: a personal accomplishment that will make you proud!

Our watch kits

Our watch kits come in a high-end briefcase, that holds every component of your Swiss watch.
Assemble yourself your own timepiece from home, thanks to the included professional watchmaking tools that will accompany you your whole life. Explanatory videos guide you to successfully create your watch.

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C’était une magnifique expérience très enrichissante où on passe un très bon moment avec des passionnées d’horlogerie et où on en apprend énormément sur le fonctionnement et l’histoire de l’horlogerie.


Super expérience ! Je me suis retrouvée la seule participante, le cours ne pouvait pas être mieux. Les explications étaient claires et le matériel à disposition était magnifique. Merci pour cette découverte, ma montre est superbe !


L’équipe est très accueillante, très compétente et précise pour le montage et les explications. L’environnement est top, et le repas de midi aussi. :) Chaudement recommandé


Why you will succeed, no matter what!


Our videos include clear and detailed indications for each step.

Personalized support

Your questions are answered on our online support group where our watchmakers and other lucky watch kit owners engage with one another.

Precision of your watch

You get access to our online tool that allows you to verify the precision of your watch without additional material.

We make it simple

An Initium watch for an unforgettable gift

Cherish your loved ones by allowing them to discover the fascinating world of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. From an initiation on a movement to the creation of one's own Swiss made watch, an Initium gift always makes an outstanding experience.

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