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Technical specifications of Kit Kairos

Your watch assembling kit includes the necessary watchmaking tools to assemble your own watch, as well as the integrality of its components. Your watch is constituted of a skeleton or full mechanical movement that is a Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement made in Switzerland, of a steel case with the diameter of 42 mm or 48 mm with a superior glass in sapphire, of a dial or a flange, hands and of straps that you can choose among our range of components. Your watch has a 42h power-reserve.

Below is the list of tools that are included in the briefcase shipped at your home, in addition to the video tutorials:

- Tweezers                      - Magnifying glass with wire        - Hands and dial tool

- Wooden stick               - Bracelet tool                                 - Rodico

- Cloth                              - Case tool                                       - Blotter

- Bell jar                           - Watch packaging                         - Screwdriver

- Watch components    - Pear                                                - Tool case

- Finger cots                   - Movement holder                         - Casing cushion

- Hands tool                   - Phone holder

While waiting for the development of our online configurator, you can download our components catalog! You can choose from a wide range of movements, hands, cases, dials, and bracelets. Simply check the box under the desired component and send us the form. 

If you wish, we will take a photo of the assembly of the components you have chosen and submit it to you by e-mail for validation. It will still be possible to change your choice if it does not suit you yet. Upon validation, we will send you your kit with the chosen components.

Finally, if you wish to offer a watch assembly kit to a friend or family member, it is quite possible to offer them the bag with the tools and allow them to choose their components afterward. To do so, you just have to check the box "components chosen and delivered later" in our catalog that you can download above.

Do not wait any longer and make your own unique watch!

Kit Kairos

  • Watch kit kairos included
  • Watchmaking tools included
  • Video tutorials included
  • Movement already assembled
  • 2-3 Assembly time

Total amount (Tax incl.)
watch - Simone Made by Simone
Hand winding
watch - Lars Made by Lars
Hand winding
watch - Mathieu Made by Mathieu
Hand winding
watch - Vera Made by Vera
Hand winding
watch - Alexis Made by Alexis
Hand winding
watch - Miriam Made by Miriam
Hand winding

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Wonderful tutorials with detailed explanations, but above all, I am very proud to wear my watch on my wrist. I recommend the experience!


Great video explanations, the rustic setting brings a warm and soothing side. I appreciated the forum, very useful in case of questions, and the reactivity of Initium.


I am very proud to have assembled my watch by myself! The most difficult step was the pose of the seconds hand, an exciting challenge that requires deep concentration.


You have been seduced by the concept of creating your own watch from home? Great, you will soon be in possession of the superb Kit bag including everything you need to make the watch of your dreams.

To do so, you just have to:

  1. Choose from our watch proposals or contact us by e-mail to go further in the customisation
  2. Place your order
  3. You will receive your Kairos kit directly to your home by parcel post. You will then be able to start practising…

Absolutely not! The Kairos watch kit does not require any pre-requisites in watchmaking, it is aimed at both neophytes and enthusiasts of all levels. Much more than a simple tool kit, it puts forward a didactic method including video tutorials and clear and detailed instructions from our master watchmaker in French and English. In addition, a forum is accessible from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering the possibility to share questions and dialogue about watchmaking. You also have access to 1 hour of contact with one of our Master Watchmakers, by video conference or by phone, as you wish! Still, have doubts? Write to us at info@initium.swiss and we will be happy to help you!

Of course, they do! Our Kairos watch assembly kits include, in addition to all the necessary watchmaking materials, the precious components of your watch that you have chosen. Movement, hands, dial, bracelet, cases, the components you have selected are, of course, included in the price! As well as access to our tutorial platform where you can follow step by step how to assemble your watch.

Yes! Do you prefer a sober style or on the contrary love colours? Choose from our many examples! It is also possible to select each component one by one with the help of our catalogue on request by e-mail. We will be happy to guide you in your selection while respecting your preferences! To make sure you like the design you have chosen, we will send you a simulation of the final result by e-mail, which we can repeat as many times as possible until you find the perfect combination!

Watchmaking is a craft that requires patience and meticulousness, which is why each step has been thought out, adapted, and optimized by our Master Watchmakers so that everyone can assemble their own watch from home. The video tutorials have been made by a professional studio in order to allow optimal quality. As for the explanations, they are given by our Master Watchmaker who has a rather impressive background in the luxury watchmaking sector. He explains with great detail and precision the steps to be conducted as well as the tools required for each of them. In addition, our discussion forum, where you can chat with other enthusiasts and our Master Watchmakers, will answer all your questions. And if, after all that, you still have some questions, our kit gives you access to 1 hour of contact with one of our Master Watchmakers, by video conference or by phone, as you wish! In addition, if you have any difficulties with parts or if your watch still does not work, you can send it back to us and we will provide you with a quote to correct the problem.

The probability of encountering a technical defect with any item is not zero. That is why we guarantee to provide you with customer service (contact and quotation) that meets your expectations. This service is, of course, free of charge.

In case you notice any problem with the components or the watch once assembled, we invite you to contact us by phone at +41 32 953 80 87 or by e-mail at info@initium.swiss. We will then consider your requests with the utmost care and treat them with efficiency.

Once the contact is made, you will be asked to send us your part by registered mail to the following address: Initium Creawatch Sàrl, Sous-la-Velle 14, 2340 Le Noirmont. Please make sure that the parts sent are well maintained and protected in the parcel so as not to be damaged during transport. Once received, we will establish a free estimate and determine if an invoice is necessary.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions or problems. The oral or written exchange will, of course, be free of charge.

As for the cost of the after-sales service, it will depend on the origin of the problem and the condition of your part. In all cases, we guarantee that we will provide you with an estimate before validating the service on your part with you. This way, there will never be any unpleasant surprises!

We do not provide a warranty on watch kits because the watch is assembled by you, outside our premises. However, this does not prevent us from being fully attentive to your needs and managing your requests with efficiency, honesty, and transparency. Moreover, we have a reactive and fast after-sales service including a free estimate and the cost of replacement or repair of components at cost price. Indeed, we do not make any margin on the after-sales service.

No, not at the moment. The Kairos kit that we offer only allows you to proceed with the casing of an Initium watch. In order to provide the best service to our watch enthusiasts, we prefer to go step by step. Thus, we first want to perfect our Kairos Gamma kit (watch assembly) before being able to offer a Kairos Alpha kit (disassembly and assembly of a movement) or Delta kit (disassembly and assembly of the movement + watch assembly). But rest assured, Initium is only at the beginning of its development and has many projects in mind. In the next few months, you should see an assembly kit appear where the assembly and disassembly of the movement will be possible.

It is possible to buy a kit including the tools and the components and then a second kit including only the watch components. This is especially true for group orders, with family, friends, or couples, but also for yourself!

The instructions are in the form of video tutorials in which our Master Watchmaker explains in a clear and detailed way each step. As soon as you receive your kit, you will have access to our video platform and can follow the instructions to assemble your Swiss mechanical watch. In addition, our discussion forum, where you can chat with other enthusiasts and our Master Watchmakers, will answer all your questions. And if, after all that, you still have some questions, our kit gives you access to 1 hour of contact with one of our Master Watchmakers, by video conference or by phone, as you wish!

Kevin Nebel, our Master Watchmaker, and workshop manager in Le Noirmont (a village in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland) explains each step in the video tutorials. An explorer and enthusiast, Kevin has travelled the world in search of time. After working for major watch brands such as Piaget and Breitling in Switzerland, he moved to the Bahamas and then to New York where he was responsible for after-sales service at Breitling. A few years later, he returned to Switzerland and became a watchmaking instructor for Milus. Kevin joined Initium during the development of the watch kit project to become the Master Watchmaker teacher in the video tutorials. More than that, as the technical manager of the kits, he will be responsible for making them evolve to constantly improve the customer experience!

It is possible to offer a Kairos kit to a third party. There are three options for this. You can choose the design of the watch and receive the case with the chosen components. You can receive the bag with the tools and let the recipient of the kit choose the components afterwards. Or, you can receive a Kairos gift certificate that will allow the recipient to choose their components and receive everything in their bag at once. Please note that our gift certificates have no expiration date.