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Technical specifications of Kit Kairos

Your watch assembling kit includes the necessary watchmaking tools to assemble your own watch, as well as the integrality of its components. Your watch is constituted of a skeleton or full mechanical movement that is a Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement made in Switzerland, of a steel case with the diameter of 42 mm or 48 mm with a superior glass in sapphire, of a dial or a flange, hands and of straps that you can choose among our range of components. Your watch has a 42h power-reserve.

Below is the list of tools that are included in the briefcase shipped at your home, in addition to the video tutorials:

- Tweezers                      - Magnifying glass with wire        - Hands and dial tool

- Wooden stick               - Bracelet tool                                 - Rodico

- Cloth                              - Case tool                                       - Blotter

- Bell jar                           - Watch packaging                         - Screwdriver

- Watch components    - Pear                                                - Tool case

- Finger cots                   - Movement holder                         - Casing cushion

- Hands tool                   - Phone holder

While waiting for the development of our online configurator, you can download our components catalog! You can choose from a wide range of movements, hands, cases, dials, and bracelets. Simply check the box under the desired component and send us the form. 

If you wish, we will take a photo of the assembly of the components you have chosen and submit it to you by e-mail for validation. It will still be possible to change your choice if it does not suit you yet. Upon validation, we will send you your kit with the chosen components.

Finally, if you wish to offer a watch assembly kit to a friend or family member, it is quite possible to offer them the bag with the tools and allow them to choose their components afterward. To do so, you just have to check the box "components chosen and delivered later" in our catalog that you can download above.

Do not wait any longer and make your own unique watch!

Kit Kairos

  • Watch kit kairos included
  • Watchmaking tools included
  • Video tutorials included
  • Movement already assembled
  • 2-3 Assembly time

Total amount (Tax incl.)

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Wonderful tutorials with detailed explanations, but above all, I am very proud to wear my watch on my wrist. I recommend the experience!


Great video explanations, the rustic setting brings a warm and soothing side. I appreciated the forum, very useful in case of questions, and the reactivity of Initium.


I am very proud to have assembled my watch by myself! The most difficult step was the pose of the seconds hand, an exciting challenge that requires deep concentration.


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