3 reasons to make your Swiss watch with our Do-It-Yourself kit

Our Swiss watch kit intended for both neophytes and watch-making enthusiasts have been travelling around the globe for a few weeks now.

Indeed, after more than a year and a half of work and energy invested, we are enormously proud to have developed and put on the market the first Swiss tool kit to create a mechanical watch. On this occasion, we suggest you discover 3 reasons to make your Swiss watch with our DIY kit.

An immersion in the world of watchmaking from your home

Are you passionate about watches and do it yourself? ur do-it-yourself watch kit promises you an immersion in the world of watchmaking … from the comfort of your home!

Thanks to a didactic teaching method including video tutorials in French and English as well as a discussion forum, anyone, living in Switzerland or abroad, is now able to make their watch in their image from home. With our all-in-one tool kit, your office or dining room table will be transformed into a real watchmaker’s workspace.

Sitting comfortably in front of your watch kit, you will assemble the components of your watch, while watching the 10 tutorial videos given by our watchmaker. You will keep these videos, as well as the bag, the tools and, of course, the watch, for life!

A personalised Swiss watch

In addition to the watchmaking experience offered by the DIY watch kit, you can choose the components that will make up your watch – case, movement, hands, solid or open-worked dial and bracelet.

After consulting our catalogue, you will be able to propose your choice of components by e-mail after selecting from the list.

We will then send you a preview of your watch and you can then validate or modify your choice of components. This selection and preview step will later be replaced by our configurator.

An exceptional gift for yourself or to offer

Our watch kit was designed to offer a DIY experience and unmatched quality. The latter is reflected in the watch components, the beautifully crafted tools, and the high-end case.

As we discover in the video below, the kit has the look of an elegant watchmaker’s bag in blue vegan leather – a black version that is a bit different in design is planned for December.

The bag includes various compartments optimised to hold your pre-selected watch components as well as the complete watchmaker’s tool kit. It will also serve as a work support thanks to its tongue. This one has been designed to protect your table and to receive all the tools that you will place in front of you.

We have made it a point of honour to include in the DIY watch kit a complete panel of high-quality tools – screwdrivers, tweezers, motion holders, bells, etc. Not forgetting the famous Micros (watchmaker’s magnifying glass), one of the emblematic objects of the watchmaker, made in the Jura Arc in Switzerland.

Promising an unforgettable experience combining authenticity and technicality, the do-it-yourself watch kit pushes the limits of immersion in Swiss watchmaking until it makes its way into your home where your timeless timepiece will take shape at your own pace.


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