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Moon phase watch complete guide

Learn more about the moon phase watch, this unique piece of your timepiece, its unique history and how it works.

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Swiss watch brands

Find out how Swiss watch brands have made their mark, growing from a craft sector to a world-class industry.

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What size watch fits on my wrist?

Find out how to choose the size of your watch so that it matches your tastes, your body type and your lifestyle.

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The essential tools for watchmaking

This article is dedicated to the basic tools owned by any watchmaker. You will find a large part of the necessary and useful material for the assembly or the revision of a timepiece.

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How to spot a fake watch

What is counterfeiting? How to avoid buying a fake luxury watch? In this article, you will learn more about this phenomenon.

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From Christian Huygens to Hans Wilsdord, 3 watchmakers linked to the development of watchmaking

Watchmaking prowess has stood the test of time thanks to some iconic figures who have defied it. If the history of watchmaking is the fruit of a thousand-year-old conquest, it has undeniably been composed by a handful of talented minds.

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The different types of complication watches

Although the main functionality of watches is to tell the time, a wide variety of additional internal components called complications have been developed by ambitious and creative watchmakers.

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3 reasons to have our Do-It-Yourself watch kit

We are enormously proud to have developed and put on the market the first Swiss tool kit to create a mechanical watch. On this occasion, we suggest you discover 3 reasons to make your Swiss watch with our DIY kit.

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How a manual watch movement works

This article looks at the functioning of a mechanical watch movement (i.e. one that has no electronic parts) with manual winding.

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The development of our watch kits: a major project

Immerse yourself in the development of our watch kit project and live this adventure from the inside.

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How an automatic watch movement works

From its mechanism to its practicality, the self-winding movement is revealed here.

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Horological complication : the tourbillon watch

Discover the secrets of the tourbillon, which always impresses with its complexity!

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